Edinburgh Fringe 2016

I’m heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year to review shows, along with members of the Network of Independent Critics. I will be there between Thursday 11th – Tuesday 16th August, focusing in particular on classic adaptations and performances by BAME artists (more info below). If you will be at the Fringe this year and would like to request a review, please get in touch!

Take a look at some of the shows I have seen so far.


Classic Adaptations
It can be difficult for modern audiences to see the relevance of classical texts. This is why processes through which creatives adapt and restage these works to make them relatable today are so intriguing. Re-imaging classics in new ways provides refreshing twists on these texts that help audiences connect to them in a unique fashion, making them important styles of performance to review in the Fringe programme

BAME Performances
It is very important to highlight BAME creatives and their works at the Fringe. With the festival’s diverse audience and programming, anyone can find a show relevant to them if they know where to look, and that includes work of BAME origin. Reviewing these shows will allow me to focus on new talent and help in identifying their significance to British theatre.