Money Womb @ Theatre503

Theatre Company Velvet Trumpet are back with another show which shines a light onto London and the people within it. Money Womb is a thought-provoking comedy by Nick Smith which explores change and growth, performed by two very talented actors.

The audience are invited to listen to Peter Finch, a temp who works in the City of London, tell them about how he has come to be waiting alone in his flat on Christmas Eve, for his ex girlfriend. Beginning his story from when he and Hannah Jessop first met, the audience is taken onto a journey which begins in the Midlands and finishes in London. Performed by a combination of intertwining monologues and duologues, Peter’s story explores relationships and parenthood, and the ever-changing nature of London. The city seems like an ideal place to an outsider, but once Peter and Hannah arrive, the bagels of Brick Lane are not what they seem, putting a strain on their relationship and their expectations.

Jon Cottrell as Peter Finch; Asha Reid as Hannah Jessop

Jon Cottrell as Peter Finch; Asha Reid as Hannah Jessop

It is difficult to keep an audience captivated for such a long time, but Jon Cottrell as Peter is brilliant at drawing in and keeping everyone’s attention. He embodies the character brilliantly, balancing the comedy with the darker elements of the play perfectly. Equally, Asha Reid as Hannah is great opposite Cottrell. The change from her young, care-free character, to her older, more mature self later on in the play is very convincing. In the space of 90 minutes, the two successfully present the comedy of Smith’s writing, while also portraying the deeper thoughts he evokes.

For a play with only two people, the 90 minute length is just very slightly too long, but the two actors do well in energising the audience to keep them entertained. Overall, I think Money Womb is a very well written piece exploring life in London, and the change and fortune people hope it will bring to them, I would definitely recommend.