Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum @ London Wonderground

A music review this time! Thanks to officialtheatre.com, I managed to see the very talented Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum at the London Wonderground, and shit were they good.

The London Wonderground is right by Southbank, full of stuff you can do and see. The actual Wonderground is free entry, so you can go in and chill at its various bars – including an awesome one which doubles as a carousel. The shows range from burlesque to dance to music, and you do have to buy tickets for these. Availability might be an issue though as I was turned away from a Side Show because the performers decided to leave early that day, meh.

Luckily Aussie pals Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum were there!  The two combine indie, hiphop, and a bit of jazz, into an hour long set of great music. Jamie MacDowell has an amazing voice, and did perform superbly even with his sore throat! His song writing is very elegant, and he is able to bring to life humorous stories through his words, which I enjoyed immensely. He does also create very touching pieces, such as the song Brother, which is definitely worth listening to.

While Jamie is singing, Tom Thum is providing the insane beatboxing. He is actually amazing, I mean the guy is a legit one man jazz band, with trumpets and everything. I was in absolute awe, especially with their rendition of No Diggity. The two have great chemistry on stage, and you can see that they are really good friends, which makes the show more entertaining to be a part of.

I can’t fault these two. They’re up at the Edinburgh Fringe now, but they will be back at the Wonderground in September so check them out. They’re actually pretty sick.


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